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Exemption of liability:

I understand that there is an inherent risk involved in the audition I am taking part of and I am assuming full responsibility for any and all such risk.  I further release the releases from all liability for damage, injury or death to myself or to any person or property resulting for the use of the premises, and I accept full responsibility for and all such damage, injury or death.  I further covenant not to sue any of the releases and agree to indemnify them and hold them and each of them, harmless from and against the losses, liability or costs they may incur, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs as a result of my engaging in the audition.  I hereby acknowledge and agree that MADORMA CASTING and 4C PRODUCTIONS will maintain photos, resumes, personal information and registration formsgyui taken photos and video footage from the audition and any other material taken or used for the purpose of the audition.

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